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De-valuing v create value

September 12, 2011 , ,

I have been pondering on the Scottish Music Industry Awards review ‘fall out’. Now I am simply a music consumer, band supporter and non-music industry type. Two big things, sorry three had me excited about the Sunday Night in question 1. The Generate Radio Nomination 2. Suspire 3. My coat, or rather the chance to wear it.. ‘Jamie Avis’ created silk sumptuous say no more. Those 3 things alongside Sanjee Kholi who was a peach, delivered for me 100%. It is so so right to recognise effort, innovation, entrepreneurship, talent and all those good things. As an English woman in the Borders I am proud to be in Scotland and all its uniqueness and beauty… but there is not enough encouragement for young people, not that I can see. This ceremony therefore is important. If we de-value it then we are undermining all those for whom it represented a moment of pride, a moment of achievement, well just a moment… whatever it meant to them. I kinda don’t like that. If there were so many things not right about the event then put them right, put the value into the event, make it have the credibility that people felt it lacked. For me that’s the smart thing to do, so that next year when Generate Radio stand in the room their pride is shared and not trashed. For me, finding the best in everything is the way I spend my life, and you know its a good one. Young people Rock… they so do…..


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I was reading your post, just when you read it on the radio, it’s good! And very true. It is so easy to say what is wrong with something. But the trick is, to get in there and ‘fix’ it. The whole world needs more positive initiatives, and you don’t have to go far for that.
Just keep, blogging, talking, yelling, writing, tweeting to anyone who wants to listen.

If anyone can make a difference you are.

Hug sophie.


September 12, 2011

Excuse my naivety (and English ignorance), but what happened at the Scottish Music Industry Awards to arouse your ire? A quick Google reveals little more than the recipients and a few inconsequential blog posts. Oh, and a rant about how artificial such events are – which, of course, is pretty much true in most cases.

There’s a lot of fabulous music coming out of Scotland right now – and this is not unusual, either, as was discussed briefly on a community blog I’m part of:

Scotland seems to punch way above it’s weight in my pop firmament.
– Glassarfemptee


September 12, 2011

Oh some people in the Scottish Music scene have said the event was a farce….. how are you?


September 13, 2011

Oh, not too bad, thank you! Took myself and my painting things up the hill again, which is always a Good Thing (because I *can* do it, and because I *did* do it), even if I was scolding the wind for blowing the canvas about.

I expect that there’s always someone to say that any awards ceremony is farcical. They are, by their nature, inherently subjective. That doesn’t mean that the awards are worthless. (At least some of the naysayers are likely to be people who weren’t nominated or who didn’t win!)


September 13, 2011

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