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A blog by Boo

A blog by Boo

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Money :: Yes, about Money…

June 7, 2011 , , , ,

If I had a career choice it would be to become a Philanthropic altruistic really nice person encouraging young creative talent. The energy, motivation, spirit and joy of bold, brave, dedicated passionate 20 nothings simply astounds me. Makes the air electric, I thrive on their raw overloaded passion and emotion. Frankly it makes me feel alive, proud, humbled, and honored. And I know a lot of them. I am blessed. Unfortunately despite what anyone may think I actually don’t have a bean… and I am being serious here…. but those clothes?? yes all from shrewd charity shopping yes even quality labels. And the lifestyle… well you tell me about my lifestyle? I don’t drink, smoke, no expensive hobby.. I paint, write, bake, its all very simple…. the bottom line is I am only just starting to earn a little again, and you know I am worth it. I give value, I have skills, I am not dumb, I speak well, I have good experience and I hold my own. Why should I do this for free? why is there some issue that I make money from being a patient, or that I should be happy to be vocational after all I am ill? Well to be blunt I need the cash, I have to survive, my earning window is shrinking, I didn’t plan for a career to end mid stream….. who does… And I know so many of you, tirelessly raising money for Charity when actually you worry about paying the mortgage, you don’t have a pension or you are being squeezed out of your job. We have to put ourselves and our families first. Once we have stability then yes most of us choose to do the right thing, and thats an individual and personal act. Its not something I am going to discuss, but I know what I do is right… for me. So I am not greedy, not ruthless not prostituting my disease. I am someone who actually needs a stable steady reliable income. I think thats fair.


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