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A blog by Boo

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Farewell to Mine

June 5, 2011

Nothing is forever so they say, and in the same breath everything has it’s moment 2006 – 2011 is not a bad moment for a little Company that did some big things… Did it make money? Barely…. Did it set the trend for creative design… I can’t say we did…. Did we win awards? Not that I know of…. But we did something far more important we changed lives… Here’s just 2.
Josh :: came to Mine from Parkside and had some angst somedays with school. In the end we agreed with the headmaster Josh could come to us officially every Tuesday. Every week he and I would snigger as we bought penny sweets and applied fake tattoos. But in-between the laughter his confidence grew his once insecurity was reassured and he changed. I am seeing him on Monday and I know I will find a tall dark and handsome man wearing his shoes.
Jamie :: is a rare and precious individual, oozes talent and has inner battles. I see sometimes a young me in him, I see always the incredible man he will become. Our friendship hasn’t always been easy but we have always been there for each other. Just a couple of weeks ago Jamie did the most amazing thing for me, and for the first time ever I felt small in his hand.

This was the power of Mine, and I’m proud. Good luck to Karl, and my thanks always.


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Shame to see it go. Fair-well Mine!

Chris Richardson

June 5, 2011

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