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A blog by Boo

A blog by Boo

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Stopped in my tracks…..

April 12, 2011 , , ,

I was on a train, the journey from Berwick to London must be one of the most beautiful journeys you can take in the UK as it clings to the coastline until you pass Lindesfarne and Holy Island. I love trains now, they give me access, freedom, thats so important. This day I was already tired, insomnia is something I deal with like so many and from time to time it catches up. I felt heavy as I sent off, kinda clumsy and my body at odds with the world as it sometimes does. As usual I had a busy schedule, too much on (hah!) and lots to be thinking on. I stepped off at Kings Cross and suddenly everyone was moving around me the rush off the train almost crushing, I was moving nowhere, I couldn’t, as hard as I thought to take a step there was no response. People were pushing past me, some turning back to give me an uncomfortable glare. Help I thought, as I could feel a wave of tears trying to explode. I had my headphones on (always lost in music) the intention to find something to play with my fumbling fingers that would drown out the world as I gained my composure. Underworld and Born Slippy flooded through me pulsating and intoxicating and I felt a jump start, I moved a step then another then another….. my day back on track. Now I don’t travel anywhere without my headphones, and if I have a bad walking day I use music to give me momentum.


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