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A blog by Boo

A blog by Boo

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Summer time blues……

April 10, 2011 ,

Not a reference to the Flying Lizards although that quirky little track was one that I recall loving as I embraced alternative pop music back in the 80’s. It pleases me that the title of a blog evokes unexpected memories on a sunny day here in Scotland, and whilst summer is a way off yet my wardrobe has suddenly yielded floaty dresses and espadrilles and out comes the gypsy in me. It is to espadrilles I turn…… well actual
ly to footwear to be absolutely precise. It poses a huge challenge for me, as I am sure many with walking difficulties will be nodding furiously. My walking which has improved enormously with a new drug regime last year is still unpredictable and at the moment I am going through a low cycle with it. However high or low shoes are proving to be very tricky. The comfort of finding the right winter wear is suddenly stripped away and I feel exposed again. Its not as easy as it would perhaps seem. I cannot for example rely on what was comfortable last year as my walking and placement of my foot changes not just yearly but daily. A pair of shoes I wore yesterday can prove to be impossible today. Out go flip flops, slip ons, ballerina pumps, high heels, no heels….. I could go on and on. Is it such a big problem, well to make it real for you, try hopping everywhere for a day. That I think will give you some idea! Still the upside….. oh yes and there always is one…… shoe shopping……. a girl can never have too many!


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