A blog by Boo

A blog by Boo

A blog by Boo

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March 29, 2011 , , ,

Once again I am sat on a train heading south….. I never thought I would become a lover of trains, they always seemed cumbersome and inconvenient to me. Now I feel 100% differently, they have liberated me in many ways. Traveling in comfort with room to move about is essential if you have a body that doesn’t always play ball. Thats not to mention the ability to keep connected and be productive like updating this blog! Wifi has improved a lot and my dongle no longer drops out every 5 minutes. So as we speed from Berwick clinging the coastline I watch the sun come up over the sea, I have my headphones on and am drowning my own thoughts with my latest playlist, I have already e mailed a few people and updated my twitter and facebook. Not to mention catching up with people on Skype by video. God I love technology 🙂 …. I feel pretty good today….. “Free Nelson Mandella’ is now bursting my ear drums and my skull candy headphones creak under the weight of sound I have reverbing around them. The urge to dance down carriage ‘F’ is almost irresistible!! I said almost!


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