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March 29, 2011 ,

How do you get people switched on to supporting in a climate of not much spare cash coupled with ‘giving fatigue’ and over saturation from Twitter, Facebook, and dare I say blogs asking us to dig deep all the time…. I have been pondering on this a lot. I do nothing to raise money for charity… I do a million other things which I believe are of value (Aid takes many shapes) and I give away what I can. I have friends who are amazing and raising huge amounts to fund those things which they believe in, things that will hopefully drive change and improvement for many.
Well I think there are a couple of things ….. firstly being involved has to be one of the strongest motivators, where your contribution although still monetary triggers a mechanism whereby you become part of the cause and not just a giver. And secondly and this my ethos I would support not asking for money directly, ask for what people can add, this way you will get something and it may well be more valuable. People can often give freely of their time and skills. So how about a charity who has a website where people donate their services, skills and such and people can ‘buy’ them by giving a donation and then ‘cash’ in their ‘purchase’. For example how much would you pay for an hours gardening, someone to bake you a cake, or your car cleaned. OK there has to be a geography thing going on, and also some spirit of good service standards dah dah…. for me its adding value and interest into fund raising….


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