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A blog by Boo

A blog by Boo

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No one is perfect ….. and thats perfectly ok

February 18, 2011

Sometimes in life you get things wrong, sometimes you lose sight of who you are, sometimes you do things you can’t explain. It isn’t always easy to understand why that should be… but we can learn from it. Square pegs like me make square holes but occasionally we try and fit ourselves into round ones. But the bottom line is we don’t fit.
I know I am different, I accept that, no actually I embrace that. I am always thinking and have a tendency to over think. When I am in that mode I can make decisions and choices which display poor judgement.
What I am really saying here (and doing a very bad job of it!) is this… no one is perfect, and through imperfection comes learning, growing and developing. So when I get it wrong, I try to at least gain something positive no matter how small that maybe.
At the end of the day most of us are working hard at doing our best, and thats good enough.


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