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A blog by Boo

A blog by Boo

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January 20, 2011 , , ,

Now if that headline doesn’t catch a girls attention I dont know what will…..(hey ladies remember Linford Christie…..haha) seemingly my life has crossed paths now with 2 athletes and for someone who struggled with sport of any kind and remains strictly the ‘oranges at half time’ girl, I do find this whole world of excersise and body beautiful a wee bit bewildering. Now dont get me wrong I can admire a male or female form honed and toned by visits to the gym as well as the next person, and I do appreciate that staying fit and being healthy is a good thing. I just have never felt the ‘buzz’ that people talk about nor can apply myself to any kind of regime…. perhaps I have never had the motivation? These days to get my body to tesco and back is a major deal never mind the thought of an hour being put through my paces by a exasperated personal trainer. However…. I have a sense that this may all change now that I have two role models in the shape of Mr Flynn and Mr Clamp. I am in complete awe of them and so should you be check out http://www.alexflynn.co.uk and http://www.daveclamp.com and tell me you are not impressed?! Right I’m off to find some trainers….. hmmmmm sure I bought a pair in 1989…….



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