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A blog by Boo

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Thinking about 2011…

November 20, 2010 , ,

Planning is key for me. I have to plan. If I don’t, then I could potentially waste time in a good health window something I am precious about and protective of. I will always be guilty of taking too much on, for sure, but there is little point trying to stop myself, because, as soon as there is a gap in my life I just go ahead and fill it. Whilst I try not to be too random it can become random and I may not necessarily make the right choices. Not that I really subscribe to anything being wrong, especially in decision making … decision making of all type can help chivvy things along.  Planning has also allowed me to balance home life which can take a hammering if you get your head down in February and then don’t come up for air until July! I’m not saying it has to be on some Micro soft office personal A&A (aims and ambitions) spreadsheet but you have to be able to write it down in a way that the significant people around you know you are serious. So 2011 I have clarity on I am going to stick to  my own regime and I am going to deliver. Good. I am pleased about that.


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