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A blog by Boo

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What’s in it for me?..

August 5, 2010

To have a voice, to communicate messages of encouragement and support, to educate and involve you have to have a vehicle and in my case well thats me of course! The trouble is in doing so it can all look a little bit like a ‘me’ show. Being the ‘face’ of a crusade is hard as I am sure people question my motives, and frankly I question my motives. Fortunately when I do they sit with me just fine and I can summarize them as follows ::

1. to do my best to support the newly diagnosed and pass on my experience and try and give guidance

2. to try and demonstrate to patients and indeed non patients that acceptance and fulfillment are the cherries and explain how I got to my place of balance and calm

3. to do everything I can so that no patient has fear

4. to show by example that life can be not just good but great but not to leave that to chance to plan, use resources and have ambitions

5. to show people that by using creativity they can stay happy

If I achieve just one of those I will be happy myself as this work remains very much part of my therapy program.

And thats what is in it for me, doing all these things gives me the enrichment that I seek. Perfectly balanced, two way  and sustainable



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