A blog by Boo

A blog by Boo

A blog by Boo

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How to find inspiration..

March 15, 2010 ,

Well one thing is for sure not on your butt watching daytime TV …thats for certain. Inspiration doesn’t come looking for you you have to go out and seek it. What does inspiration do well generally it motivates and gets you going doing stuff which is what life is all about. Different things turn on different people, I know where I find my inspiration from… music, people, words, images, cooking, travel, reaching out…. something out there inspires me everyday…..


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Absolutely agreed! Inspiration comes to those who hold that point of focus, whose eyes are open to it. It can be found anywhere! But not everyone can see it… My toddler and I are practicing focusing on an inspiration. We recently planted an inscribed “inspiration” bean, and we’re nourishing, watching it, and our dream, grow before our eyes. The best part is the inscription grows with the plant, so it serves as a reminder.. I’m wrapped in child-like excitement over it, I thought I’d share it along… The best to you!

Ana D

April 11, 2010

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